RV Power Surge at a Campground: Who’s Liable?

Campground power pedestal on a gravel RV site

A member of our private Facebook Group, RV Camping for Newbies, asked an interesting question: Who is liable for a power surge at a campground? They said a campground power surge damaged their RV, and their RV insurance company said …

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How To Install A ProPride Hitch The Easy Way

Sway is one of the most dangerous travel conditions that we face as travel trailer owners. No matter how thoughtful you are with loading your trailer, sway can happen. We have looked for hitch options that help reduce sway. One …

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How Are Airstreams Made?

Airstream travel trailers are perhaps one of the most iconic brands of travel trailers in the world. These unique trailers are hard to miss even for those who aren’t RVers. With features that are more airplane than RV, a common …

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Bumper Pull To Gooseneck Conversion

If you are struggling with maneuverability or are looking for a safer way to tow your bumper-pull travel trailer, a bumper pull-to-gooseneck conversion may be a great solution. Gooseneck connections have long been used in commercial applications for pulling large …

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10 Tips to Increase Your RV Resale Value

Class C motorhome on a RV sales lot

When it comes time to sell your RV getting the most money possible will be your top priority. The resale value of your RV can be raised or lowered depending on a few factors. There are some things you can …

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Best RV Dinette Replacement Ideas

Man working on a laptop at an RV dinette

For a long time, RVs all seemed to have a very similar floor plan. This floor plan typically consisted of a seating area, kitchen, sleeping area, and a dinette. While the dinette was a great idea for RVs of the …

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5 Tips For RV Towing On Steep Grades

Steep grades ahead sign on a mountain road

This past summer, Susan and I visited Colorado in May and June! We had an absolute blast, but we also learned quite a bit about what it’s like to tow a vehicle through the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains. …

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