RV Power Surge at a Campground: Who’s Liable?

Campground power pedestal on a gravel RV site

A member of our private Facebook Group, RV Camping for Newbies, asked an interesting question: Who is liable for a power surge at a campground? They said a campground power surge damaged their RV, and their RV insurance company said …

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Do You Really Need An RV Surge Protector?

One assumption that we make as RV owners is that campground and RV park hook-ups are safe and work properly. However, this is not always the case, and you need to take simple steps to protect yourself and your RV. …

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10 Best Luxury 5th Wheel Brands

If you love the open road and appreciate the comforts of home, these luxury 5th wheel brands could be the perfect fit. These high-end RVs merge mobility with style, providing all the amenities you could wish for while exploring new …

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What Is The 3/3/3 Rule For RVing?

Understanding the intricacies of RVing can significantly enhance your traveling experience. One guideline seasoned travelers often resort to is the 3/3/3 rule for RVing.  While not universally known, this rule has proven its worth in making RV journeys more relaxing and …

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Bumper Pull To Gooseneck Conversion

If you are struggling with maneuverability or are looking for a safer way to tow your bumper-pull travel trailer, a bumper pull-to-gooseneck conversion may be a great solution. Gooseneck connections have long been used in commercial applications for pulling large …

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12 RV Packing Tips for a Smooth Camping Trip

Guy packing things into the exterior storage compartment of a small motorhome

Whether you’re a pack rat or you love to travel light, there’s always room for some RV packing tips. Maybe it’ll help you lighten the load, or maybe it will boost your capabilities when you’re boondocking or just off the …

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Best RV Dinette Replacement Ideas

Man working on a laptop at an RV dinette

For a long time, RVs all seemed to have a very similar floor plan. This floor plan typically consisted of a seating area, kitchen, sleeping area, and a dinette. While the dinette was a great idea for RVs of the …

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RV Resort vs. RV Park: What’s The Difference?

Drone view of RV resort on the beach

A question often arises among RVers about the difference between an RV park vs. RV resort. While both offer a place to park and set up during your travels, the distinction between the two is significant, primarily related to amenities …

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