What Gear Comes with A New Travel Trailer?

Buying your first new RV is an exciting experience. Whether you are new to RVing or upgrading your current travel trailer, knowing what your new RV comes with allows you to plan for purchasing new travel trailer gear. Knowing what comes with travel trailers you are interested in may also inspire you to look at other models.

To help you understand what to expect when purchasing a new travel trailer, we have put together some helpful information about the typical new RV gear that may or may not come with a new travel trailer. We will also give you some hints about helpful gear that will make hitting the road with your new RV a breeze.

Do New RVs Come with Everything You Need?

If you are purchasing a new RV and you have never owned a travel trailer before, you will likely be surprised at what they do and do not come with. We will look further into this, but you really need to know that even travel trailers with a good standard feature package do not have everything you will need.

Many of the gear items that you will want to invest in are items that are necessary for safely traveling or setting up your trailer. There are also new RV gear items that you can invest in that are designed to improve your comfort but are not necessary.

Outfitting A New Travel Trailer: Exterior Gear

For your new travel trailer, you will need to invest in several exterior gear items just to set up your RV and use it properly. Many RV owners are surprised that their new travel trailer may not come with many of these items.

Sewer Hoses

How to Use a Sewer Donut with a sewer hose and What it Looks Like

Most RVs do not come standard with sewer discharge hoses. You will want to invest in a set of these before you head out on your first adventure. Most RVs have a grey water tank and a black water tank, so you will need to invest in a discharge hose for each. Many times, you can find these as a set.

Fresh Water Hose

RVBlogger Zero G blue drinking water hose

Next, you will need a hose to connect your RV to the campground water supply or to fill your RV freshwater tank. You will not have running water in your travel trailer without a hose.

When you are purchasing a freshwater hose, do not just buy a green garden hose. Make sure to invest in an RV-specific water hose. These are anti-microbial and are made of materials that will not add a plastic taste to your water. These are also BPA-free, so they are safe for drinking water.

Water Vacuum Breaker and Pressure Regulator

Water pressure regulator
An RV water pressure regulator is critical for protecting your RV

Often you can get these as a single unit, but you can also buy them separately. Today, many campgrounds require that you have a vacuum breaker on your water supply line. This protects the campground water supply from water in your trailer going backward. 

The water pressure regulator will reduce the pressure of the water from the campground so that it is not too high for your RV plumbing. If city or campground water pressure is too high, you can damage plumbing connections which will result in leaks in your RV.

RV Surge Protector

RV surge protector that RVBlogger uses

This is not a necessity, but a surge protector for your RV is a good idea. Not all shore power is clean or reliable, especially in older campgrounds. A surge protector will keep your RV electronics and appliances safe.

Wheel Chocks

wheel chock used by RVBlogger

Wheel chocks are placed behind and in front of each of the wheels of your travel trailer. They keep your RV from rolling while parked. 

Jack Pads

Travel trailer leveling blocks

RV leveling blocks are helpful for creating a smooth surface for the leveling jacks on your camper. Look for stackable jack pads that lock together in case you need to use more than one to level your RV properly. Also, invest in a couple for each leveling jack.

RV Level

Level mate pro

If you have not purchased an RV that is self-leveling and you must adjust the level manually, a level will come in handy. You can either purchase a standard level from the hardware store or look for small levels that stick to the outside of your RV.

Lots of folks we know use the Level Mate Pro! It costs a bit more but it does an excellent job of leveling your RV.

Hitch Lock

hitch lock to deter travel trailer theft

This is not a necessity, but if you plan on parking your travel trailer and leaving to explore, a hitch lock is good insurance. Hitch locks protect your trailer from theft. 

Jack Wheel Stop Dock/Chock

Dual axle RV with X style wheel chock between the tires - new travel trailer gear
RV wheel chocks should always be used

As with wheel chocks, x-chocks serve the same purpose as regular wheel chocks. It keeps your hitch or tongue jack wheel from rolling when the RV is parked.

Other exterior gear you might want to consider investing in include bike racks, camp chairs, a grill, a small table, a rug or door mat, and a propane fire pit. These all make your travel more comfortable but are not necessary for setting up your travel trailer.

Outfitting A New Travel Trailer: Interior Gear

The interior of your RV is where you will be making a bigger investment in gear. Other than the fixtures, furniture, and window coverings, your new RV likely will not have many of the necessities for traveling. Here’s a list of items that we suggest you include:

  • Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, etc.)
  • Linens (sheets, blankets and/or comforters, bath towels, kitchen towels)
  • Plates, glasses, mugs
  • Silverware
  • Pots and pans
  • Cooking utensils
  • Paper towel holder
  • Dish soap and sponge
  • Food storage containers (resealable bags or plastic containers)
  • Toiletries (including sunscreen and bug repellant)
  • First aid kit
  • Electronics charging cables
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Disposable gloves
  • Tool kit
  • Spare light bulbs, fuses, and batteries
  • Insect spray
  • Drawer organizers
  • Laundry basket
  • Clothes hangers
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Flashlights
  • Games or puzzles
  • Books
  • Blue Ray or DVD movies

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it gives you a good place to start when it comes to the items that all new RVs do not come with. There are a few exceptions; for instance, some new RVs will come with comforters and sheets that fit on the mattresses in their RV. Typically this is due to the mattress being an odd size.

The great thing about new RV interior gear is that you really get to pick the items that you like, and that work best for your family.

Do New RVs Come with Power Cords?

This is one of the few pieces of RV gear that all new RVs will come with. These power cords are unique for RVs. They allow you to connect your trailer to shore power. This connection will run all the electrical components in your RV. Your power cord also charges the RV batteries.

There are some standard types of RV power cords, but if you need to purchase a power cord for your new RV, make sure that you carefully consult your owner’s manual to ensure that you purchase the proper type of power cord.

Do New RVs Come with Spare Tires?

Would you be surprised to learn that many travel trailers do not come with a spare tire? We were really surprised to learn this fact when investing in our first travel trailer. It seems like this would be a standard feature, but for many RV makers, the spare tire is an optional feature. 

If your RV does not come with a spare tire as a standard feature, this is one optional add-on that we highly recommend that you invest in. You never know when you will get a flat and the spare tire will save the day. 

Do New RVs Come with Everything to Hitch It?

Most travel trailers do not come with everything you need to connect to your tow vehicle. There will be some basics, but you may want to invest in some additional items. 

  • Your travel trailer will come with a hitch receiver of some sort. However, most travel trailers do not come with the hitch that goes on your tow vehicle.
  • Department of Transportation requires all travel trailers to come with safety chains or cables. These add an extra layer of security.
  • Electric brake wiring will be included on all RVs that have brakes that will be controlled by your vehicle braking system. To make this work, however, you will also have to install a brake controller in your tow vehicle.
  • Electrical connection cords are also always included in your RV. This powers the safety lighting for the trailer and also provides a source for charging your RV batteries while you are on the move.

Items that you will want to invest in that are not included with your travel trailer are:

  • Hitch or hitch ball for your tow vehicle. You will need to invest in the proper items for your tow vehicle and your trailer.
  • Weight distribution systems are very helpful for larger trailers. They will assist you in properly loading your trailer so it is stable while traveling.
  • Sway control systems are great for all travel trailers. They keep the trailer from swaying in windy conditions.

Is It Better to Buy a New Or Used RV?

While many people think that purchasing a new RV is the best way to go, it is not the right option for everyone shopping for a travel trailer. There are lots of great used options out there, and for some people, a used RV is their ideal option.

A new RV is a great option if you have the budget to afford a new trailer. A new RV also may have features that you cannot find on older models. Things like USB charging stations, entertainment systems, power jacks and awnings, and even fireplaces are great features you will not necessarily find on a used RV. Many new RVs also come with features like solar, standard spare tires, and bed linens.

Depending on the age of the used RV that you are looking at, you may be able to find all these fun features. One of the benefits of buying a used RV is that many times the previous owners will leave things like the sewer hoses, freshwater hoses, chock blocks, and other gear with the trailer. This makes buying a used RV a good investment if you are looking to save a bit of money. 

Final Thoughts About New Travel Trailer Gear

Whether your RV is brand new, or just new to you, you will need to invest in some gear. Some RV brands will provide many of the new RV gear items necessary for getting on the road and hooked up, but some do not.

Either way, you will need to take some time shopping for the new travel trailer gear you need for a safe and comfortable travel experience. Thankfully, there are lots of places to shop for RV gear including Temu, Amazon, and of course your local RV dealer!

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