What Is The Best Size Travel Trailer?

We at TravelTrailerPro.com are asked every week by our readers and subscribers, what is the best size travel trailer to buy? The answer is – it depends.

Finding the best size travel trailer is based on many factors. Are you a single person looking for something simple to tow? Do you have several kids and need bunk space? Do you have an SUV or car and need it under a certain weight? 

The most important determining factor in choosing the best size travel trailer is what you need or want it for. 

Travel trailers come in many different sizes, with many different amenities, so you can pretty much custom tailor a trailer to fit what is on your list of must-haves.

Below are a few suggestions and facts about travel trailers that may suit your needs, no matter if you want something extremely small or very large.

Noting that destination and park models, or teardrops, and pop-ups aren’t included on this list. These are the two extreme ends of the size scale and both are great options for the right person.

What Is the Shortest Travel Trailer?

The shortest travel trailer options are typically 13’ or larger. Thirteen feet is pretty tiny, but these campers we’ve found below still pack a mighty punch for as small as they are.

These three campers have everything you need for your getaway while being compact enough to go wherever your adventures take you.

The Armadillo

Armadillo travel trailer

The Armadillo is a 13.5’ rounded modern, yet retro-looking trailer. Its lightweight fiberglass shell makes it perfect for smaller vehicles to tow around.

It includes everything you’ll need for a weekend away, including a stove, sink, and mini refrigerator. A bathroom is not included, but you can add a portable toilet in the upgrades for extra convenience.

The HC1 Travel Trailer

 HC1 travel trailer

The HC1 travel trailer is a cool-looking, retro camper with some excellent features. It comes in at 13.5’ in length and is so lightweight you can tow it with nearly any car. 

The most remarkable feature about the HC1 is that it has a modular design to suit anything you need it for. It can sleep up to 5 people, become a mobile office, a coffee shop on the go, or a date spot for two. Its versatile design makes it highly functional.

Sportsmen Classic 130RB

KZ Sportsmen 130RB travel trailer

The Sportsman Classic 130RB is a tad bigger than the previous two, coming in at 16.9’ long. Still small enough to fit anywhere you need it and tow it with a smaller vehicle, though. 

The best part about the 130RB is that you aren’t giving up modern amenities such as the bathroom! It comes with a private bathroom, which includes a toilet and a small shower. It also has plenty of cabinets to store what you need.

What Is The Longest Travel Trailer?

There are some pretty long travel trailers on the market, but most tend to be under 40 feet. Forty feet in a camper is actually a lot of space and will likely give you exactly what you’re looking for in a larger travel trailer.

We have found three of the longest travel trailers on the market to give you an idea of how they’re set up and what they offer!

Jayco Jay Flight 38BHDS

Jaco Jay Flight 38BHDS

The Jayco Jay Flight 38BHDS is a massive 40.6’ long. It offers 2 queen bedrooms in this layout and can sleep 7 people. The 38BHDS comes with a full kitchen and bathroom. It offers plenty of storage space and seating for all your guests.

Jayco prides itself on its vital and strong reinforced frame throughout, not just the floor, which will keep the trailer in tip-top functional shape for all of your travels.

Forest River Cherokee 324TS

Forest River Cherokee 342 TS travel trailer

The Cherokee 324TS is 40.5’ long and offers 3 full slide-outs for maximum space. This camper has a spacious 2 bedroom layout inside, one of which has bunks on both sides. It also has a full kitchen and bathroom setup, as well as a much-needed pantry closet.

The 324TS also includes a modern and useful outdoor bar and grill area, which will be perfect for your camping trips and entertaining friends. The two-door access also makes it easy to get in and out of the trailer.

Gulf Stream Conquest 33DBDB

Gulf Stream Conquest travel trailer

The longest on our list is the Conquest 33DBDB, coming in at a whopping 40.7’ long. It offers 3 slide-outs in its 2 bedroom layout. One bedroom even comes standard with a king-size bed!

It also has the largest shower of the other campers for comfort while enjoying your camping trip. There is no lack of space in this trailer, with plenty of room to entertain and sleep guests. 

What Is The Best Size Travel Trailer?

The best size travel trailer is the length that can fit all of your needs! Trying to decide what you need inside your travel trailer can be hard, and it’s good to do a little basic research before looking.

Three main questions will help to narrow the search for the best-sized travel trailer for you.

1. How many people will I be fitting inside this trailer?

That will give you a good narrowing of your choices and options. A prominent search feature when looking for RVs is how many they sleep.

2. How much time will I spend inside the RV? 

This might be a tricky question, depending on what time of the year you plan to camp. But generally, you’ll know if you’re more of an inside body or if you’re going to spend most of your time outside except to sleep.

Are you planning on RVing full-time? You will likely need a larger RV than someone camping on the weekends.

An essential feature of a travel trailer to consider is whether you’d like a bathroom inside. While it seems crazy to consider, many don’t care whether they have a bathroom inside or not. Some people may require two bathrooms.

Most campgrounds have nearby showerhouses and restroom facilities for use by their guests. This can take a bathroom completely off your checklist if you don’t mind that setup.

Taking into consideration where you may stay with your travel trailer is something important as well. Many National and State parks have length limits in their campgrounds and many older campgrounds. 

This can limit where you’ll be able to stay with the trailer.

3. What is your budget for a travel trailer? 

We know the price of campers can vary widely, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the length you want. Many trailers on the market are bigger and cheaper than some of the smaller ones, and vice versa.

Going in with a solid idea of what you’d like to spend can really help you narrow down your search to find exactly what you want and need.

Is A Travel Trailer Better Than A Fifth Wheel?

There are many people who a travel trailer is going to be much better suited for than a fifth wheel.

Travel trailers come in much smaller and lighter options than fifth wheels and they don’t require a special hitch. With fifth wheels, the hitch has to go in the back of a truck and is much heavier, typically requiring a larger vehicle than you may have.

Fifth wheels can also not be towed by cars or SUVs as travel trailers can. This gives travel trailers a huge leg up when choosing one or the other.

While travel trailers have these advantages, you may want to consider a fifth wheel for other reasons if you don’t have restrictions on size or weight. 

Advantages of a 5th wheel

Travel trailers are not as stable to tow as fifth wheels and tend to have some issues with swaying while driving. This is based on the placement of the hitch, but you can purchase sway bars for the travel trailer to combat some of the movement.

Another advantage of a fifth wheel over a travel trailer is how easy they are to maneuver. Again, it has to do with hitch placement and the radius at which you can pivot the camper. But you can learn to do anything, right? 

Other notable mentions for fifth wheels vs. travel trailers would be the ceiling height and outdoor storage, and this is what knocks most people into one category or the other.

If you’ve never seen a fifth wheel in person, it’s worth checking out before you make up your mind. The first thing you will notice upon walking in is how much taller the ceilings are than a travel trailer. 

The way a fifth wheel is set up to accommodate the hitch allows for high ceilings in the lower portion of the camper, as well as massive underbelly storage throughout the whole front section of the RV.

Depending on your needs and your height, this may be something for you to consider on your pros and cons list seriously.

Can You Tow A Travel Trailer With A Car?

Yes, some small travel trailers like the ones listed above can be towed with a car.

You will have to check carefully when looking and make sure the weight capacity and towing capabilities align with what your car can handle, though.

You should check your vehicle to make sure it has a place for a hitch or can be modified to have one as well.

If your car has the capabilities required, then it’s just up to you to find the perfect camper! The best size travel trailer in this case will definetly be on the shorter side.

Most trailers you’ll find that accommodate cars perfectly will be small teardrop campers, as well as small popups. These options are both extremely lightweight and perfect for towing with a car.

What Is The Most Expensive Travel Trailer?

Knock me over with a feather! This travel trailer tops the list for the most expensive trailer trailer you can buy today. 

I don’t think we’re ready for the price without knowing a few more things. So, let me show you some pictures and specs first. It boasts some of the most unique features of anything on the market. Let’s check it out!

Living Vehicle HD30

Living Vehicle exterior
Living Vehicle floor plan

This travel trailer is the height of luxury for off-grid living. The Living Vehicle HD30 comes standard with high-tech stand-alone solar power with electric vehicle technology. Even the awnings are solar panels! 

This camper has the capability to store enough of its own power to charge an electric vehicle.

One of the coolest features, by far, is the fact that this camper is entirely self-sustaining down to the water. Yes, that’s right, the water

The HD30 has an innovative water-air generator. It extracts water from the air and turns it into water. With the higher-end model, it can make and store 5 gallons a day.

There are a plethora of other cool features as well, such as the side porch, large teak-lined shower, and a dishwasher.

You should absolutely take a look at this amazingly equipped, futuristic travel trailer.

Now, I will tell you the sticker price. Are you ready?

The base model of the HD30 starts at $399,995. The top model, which is the pro, starts at $699,995.

That’s quite a price tag for a travel trailer, but it indeed does have some of the best technology on the market and is ready for the future.

Final Thoughts About The Best Size Travel Trailer

The best size travel trailer truly depends on what you want and need, what you’re willing to spend, and what you’re going to tow with, most importantly.

There are so many options on the market today that you likely won’t go without any features you want in your trailer, no matter the size.

Your best bet on finding the perfect size travel trailer would be to act as if you’re Goldilocks. Go try them all out for size and see what feels best! Taking the time to find exactly what you want will pay off in the end.

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