25 Best Travel Trailers Under 20 Feet

Travel trailers under 20 feet are often the sweet spot of recreational vehicles. They’re best for those who don’t have kids and don’t have to go through the dreaded annual visits from the “in-laws.” 

When it comes to a travel trailer under 20 feet, buyers want the most out of less. Since they are shorter, sub-20’ travel trailers often sacrifice certain amenities in the name of “smallness.” But you’d be surprised at what a little innovation can do in limited spaces.

A travel trailer under 20 feet also opens the door for more towing options since their lightweight allows prospective new owners to tow with smaller and even all-electric vehicles.

How are Travel Trailers Measured? 

When travel trailers under 20 feet are measured, does it include the hitch? For a thorough answer to this question, check out our article called Does Travel Trailer Length Include the Hitch?

For the most part, travel trailers advertise on their exterior length, with height being a factor high on the list as well. In fact, the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association recommends that advertising reflects floorplan length in RV marketing. 

25 Best Travel Trailers Under 20 Feet

1. nuCamp Tab 400

nucamp Tab 400 Travel Trailers Under 20 Feet
nuCamp Tab 400  interior
nuCamp Tab 400 floor plan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Compact, aerodynamic, and easy to tow

⛔ It’s not constructed for extreme cold or extreme heat environments

  • UVW: 2,840 lbs
  • GVWR: 3,133 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 372 lbs
  • CCC: 293 lbs
  • Length: 18’ 3”
  • Sleep: 3

It takes a lot to make a teardrop camper into a camper you can stay in for more than a weekend, yet nuCamp has done just that with the Tab 400. There’s a standard package and boondock package, the latter offering a more aggressive, off-road profile. 

Either way, the Tab 400 offers enough sleeping space for three and features a wet bath and a full dinette that takes advantage of the large windows. The exterior galley features a two-burner stove top, kitchen sink, microwave, and fridge, with a ton of extra prep space. 

2. Little Guy Mini Max

little guy max camper under 20 feet
Little Guy Mini Max interior
Little Guy Mini Max floor plan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ The galley is on the inside and fully loaded

⛔ Often a little difficult to shift from the driver’s side to the dinette bench

  • UVW: 1,993 lbs
  • GVWR: 2,900 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 280 lbs lbs
  • CCC: 907 lbs
  • Length: 17’ 2”
  • Sleep: 3

The Little Guy Mini Max went for the exterior, retro look while including all of the modern amenities and features a teardrop aficionado could want. It’s almost too big to be considered a teardrop, despite the immediately recognizable look. 

The entire galley is inside, and it still features a wet bath, plenty of standing space, and a comfortable dinette. If you want to move the party outside, the exterior features plenty of accommodations for grills and a retractable, 6’ 3” awning. 

3. The Meerkat

The Meerkat is a travel trailer under 20 feet long
The Meerkat interior
The Meerkat floor plan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ The Meerkat is so light you can tow it with almost anything

⛔ Bring additional jugs of water to accommodate your water needs

  • UVW: 900 lbs
  • GVWR: 2,000 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 100 lbs
  • CCC: 1,100 lbs
  • Length: 13’
  • Sleep: 2

The Meerkat prides itself on its ultra-lightweight factor while allowing room to stand up. It’s definitely tall enough, at least for most people. While the interior is not enough to maintain a full kitchen or a bath, you still get a single burner, sink, and a portapotty. 

The Meerkat’s pop-top feature provides you with plenty of headroom. The interior also includes a U-dinette, which neatly converts into a full-size bed with a slide-out shelf. There’s also plenty of storage, and since the dry weight is so light, you can pack a bunch of outdoor toys in the Meerkat. 

4. Forest River Wolf Pup 14CC

Forest River Wolf Pup 14CC is a camping trailer under 20 feet
Forest River Wolf Pup 14CC interior
Forest River Wolf Pup 14CC floor plan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Includes a ton of windows for a spacious, well-lit aesthetic

⛔ Bathroom is split to save space

  • UVW: 2,884 lbs 
  • GVWR: 3,900 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 400 lbs
  • CCC: 1,016 lbs
  • Length: 19’ 3” 
  • Sleep: 3

Despite being the biggest travel trailer of the first four, the Forest River Wolf Pup 14CC is still incredibly lightweight, with a surprisingly spacious and well-lit interior. Though the bathroom is split in half to save space, this also enabled Forest River to include a full bathroom. 

The queen-size bed has several storage options and feeds directly into the hallway, which runs down the center of the travel trailer to the exit on the opposite end. The galley features a dinette, a full range of kitchen appliances, and a drop-down TV easily viewable from the queen bed. 

5. Lance 1475 Travel Trailer

Lance 1475 Travel Trailer is a camping trailer under twenty feet
Lance 1475 Travel Trailer interior
Lance 1475 Travel Trailer floor plan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Unique blue and gray vibe that’s comfy and relaxing

⛔ Fridge location is at a 90° angle from the entryway

  • UVW: 2,884 lbs 
  • GVWR: 4,500 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 340 lbs
  • CCC: 1,616 lbs
  • Length: 19’ 8”
  • Sleep: 3

This Lance is loaded with a cool blue and gray vibe that begs you to sit down and relax. Depending on the floorplan you choose, you can replace the captain chairs with a sofa, but Lance’s decision to eliminate the dinette saves a ton of space. 

The kitchen doubles as an entertainment room, with two captain chairs and a small central table. The aft corner of the 1475 features a dry bath opposite the refrigerator and exit, while the opposite side contains the Queen mattress and some overhead storage. 

6. Winnebago Micro Minnie 1808FBS

Winnebago Micro Minnie 1808FBS is a travel trailer under 20 feet
Winnebago Micro Minnie 1808FBS interior
Winnebago Micro Minnie 1808FBS floor plan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ One of the most spacious layouts for a travel trailer under 20 feet on the market

⛔ No stovetop vent and the vent fan for the trailer is a bit small

  • UVW: 3,914 lbs 
  • GVWR: 5,000 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 336 lbs
  • CCC: 1,086 lbs
  • Length: 20’
  • Sleep: 3

Winnebago decided to throw two axles onto the short body of the 1808FBS, and it’s a fantastic addition, balancing the weight nicely throughout. As for the travel trailer itself, it’s incredibly spacious and roomy for just 20’. The brochure says it sleeps three, but you could get away with more. 

For boondocking, Winnebago supplies a 190-watt solar panel to keep your batteries topped off. With the single slide for the dinette and the high suspension, the 1808FBS will surprise you in terms of where it can go. 

7. Forest River R-Pod RP-190

Forest River R-Pod RP-190 is a camper under 20 feet long
Forest River R-Pod RP-190 interior
Forest River R-Pod RP-190 floor plan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ The kitchen aesthetic is immaculate eye-candy

⛔ The lack of a Murphy’s bed makes for tight sleeping quarters

  • UVW: 2,960 lbs 
  • GVWR:  3,788 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 307 lbs
  • CCC: 828 lbs
  • Length: 20’
  • Sleep: 4

If you enjoy the space-age, titanium aesthetic that Forest River tends to embrace in some of its lines, you’ll love the R-Pod RP-190. It’s challenging to mold a kitchen, dinette, bathroom, and bed layout in narrow trailers, but Forest River pulls it off with the R-Pod.

The dinette and a Queen Bed sit on opposite ends of the travel trailer, with a dry bath and galley on opposite sides of the width. A slide-out expands the kitchen in all its titanium-looking glory. The dual-burner is a nice addition though it does detract from the available counter space.

The Murphy Bed would have been a better, space-saving option, but there’s still plenty of space around the existing queen. 

8. Prime Time Avenger 16RD

Prime Time Avenger 16RD exterior picture of a camper trailer under 20 feet
Prime Time Avenger 16RD interior
Prime Time Avenger 16RD floor plan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Oversized pass-through storage beneath the bed

⛔ The central location of the bathroom may be off-putting for some

  • UVW: 2,939 lbs 
  • GVWR:  3,890 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 390 lbs
  • CCC: 951 lbs
  • Length: 20’ 11”
  • Sleep: 4

The Prime Time Avenger 16RD is one of those jacks-of-all-trades, master of none travel trailers. 

It does everything exceedingly well without blowing your socks off with some mind-numbing gimmick. It’s a highly reliable travel trailer, especially if you opt for the climate bundle. 

The 16RD has an affinity for Blue LEDs which cover the exterior lighting, awning, and outlets throughout the RV. 

It lends a unique ambiance and a relaxing atmosphere to the entire setup. The 16RD includes a full, dry bath, opposing beds (when you flip the dinette), and a robust kitchen area as well. 

9. Highland Ridge Open Range Conventional 172FB

Highland Ridge Open Range Conventional 172FB floor plan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Excellent living and sleeping space

⛔ No additional sink in the bathroom

  • UVW: 3,075 lbs 
  • GVWR:  3,750 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 280 lbs
  • CCC: 675 lbs
  • Length: 19’ 3”
  • Sleep: 4

The whole idea behind the Conventional 172FB was to create a spacious environment with more sleeping room in a travel trailer under 20 feet long. Highland Ridge succeeded and even threw in some nice blue LEDs as well. 

The kitchen area is one of the largest on our list, with Blue LED dials and an overhead microwave. There’s plenty of countertop space to work with, and there’s also a shower and toilet on the other side of the wall. 

10. Airstream Basecamp 16

Airstream Basecamp 16 is easily under 20 feet long
Airstream Basecamp 16 interior
Airstream Basecamp 16 floor plan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Multipurpose backdoor is incredibly convenient and versatile

⛔ Wet bath is all-metal, which may not appeal to some

  • UVW: 2,635 lbs 
  • GVWR:  3,500 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 435 lbs
  • CCC: 865 lbs
  • Length: 16’ 3”
  • Sleep: 2

No list is complete without an iconic Airstream. The Airstream Basecamp 16 was too unique to ignore. The wraparound, deeply tinted windows give you a clear view of your surroundings. And, Airstream took the stainless steel look to a whole new level, bringing it inside and out. 

The backdoor is one of the biggest highlights, with a large enough space to support mountain bikes, kayaks, or any additional gear you want to bring along. The Basecamp 16 was built like a mountain basecamp and will go nearly everywhere. 

11. Venture RV Sonic Lite Ultra Lite SL150VRB

Venture RV Sonic Lite Ultra Lite SL150VRB is one of the best travel trailers under 20 feet long
Venture RV Sonic Lite Ultra Lite SL150VRB interior
Venture RV Sonic Lite Ultra Lite SL150VRB floor plan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Sonic included a 34” stand-up shower with limited space (impressive)

⛔ Not enough windows

  • UVW: 3,180 lbs 
  • GVWR:  3,885 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 435 lbs
  • CCC: 705 lbs
  • Length: 19’ 11”
  • Sleep: 2

Sonic is impressive in its ability to cram so much into such a tiny space. Their floorplans are prime examples of innovation under duress. The Ulta-Lite SL150RVB is one of their smallest options, yet it comes with everything you would expect to find in a travel trailer longer than 25’.

The 60” x 75” Murphy Bed was an outstanding choice for a space-saving design, and they even included a full, dry bath with a sizeable shower with plenty of elbow room. Kudos to Sonic for including pass-through storage as well. 

12. Happier Camper HC1 Studio

Happier Camper HC1 Studio is one of the best fiberglass travel trailers under 20 feet
Happier Camper HC1 Studio interior
Happier Camper HC1 Studio floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ Modular (Cube) arrangement for interior space and sleeping

⛔ You’ll have to dispose of your waste in sealable bags

  • UVW: 1,800 lbs 
  • GVWR:  3,500 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 180 lbs
  • CCC: 1,700 lbs
  • Length: 13’ 5”
  • Sleep: 2

If you could supply a definition for the word “cute” using only travel trailers, the Happier Camper HC1 Studio is the only one you would need. This adorable little camper features a modular interior (known as “Adaptiv”), meaning you can arrange a series of cubes to fill the space with a Queen bed or arrange it into a living room.

It’s hard to believe a camper this small would feature a full bathroom, but here we are. The dry flush toilet negates the need for a black water tank, and the modular shower simply moves outside when you’re ready. 

13. Safari Condo R1713

Safari Condo R1713 is a teardrop camper under 20 feet long
Safari Condo R1713 interior
Safari Condo R1713 floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ Crazy, cool, powered retractable roof design

⛔ You’ll have to squat in the toilet when the roof is down

  • UVW: 1,825 lbs 
  • GVWR:  2,700 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: N/A
  • CCC: 875 lbs
  • Length: 17’ 3”
  • Sleep: 2

Alto seriously ups the “wow factor” with the Safari Condo Alto R1713. The press of a button raises the roof and creates a glass masterpiece of sunshine and airiness. Everything in the Alto is modular, and even the kitchen swings out of the way when needed. 

The R1713 includes a full kitchen, toilet, and dining area, the latter of which converts in several different ways. Whether you want a dining area, a bed, a U-couch, a single bed, or a single sofa, the choice is entirely up to you. 

14. Starcraft RV Super Lite Maxx 17BH

Starcraft RV Super Lite Maxx 17BH exterior
Starcraft RV Super Lite Maxx 17BH interior shows that it is one of the best travel trailers under 20 feet
Starcraft RV Super Lite Maxx 17BH floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ Tons of drawers for extra storage room, all uniquely located

⛔ The dinette makes getting out of bed a process in itself

  • UVW: 3,685 lbs 
  • GVWR:  4,995 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 450
  • CCC: 1,310 lbs
  • Length: 20’ 7”
  • Sleep: 4

The Starcraft RV Super Lite Maxx 17BH was made for an extended stay, with large tank sizes, raised suspension, and off-road tires. It should be on your radar if you enjoy boondocking or staying off the grid from time to time. 

It also features a full, dry bath and a ridiculous number of storage options. You’ll also enjoy the outside with the 12’ awning and a rear hookup for a propane grill or griddle. 

15. Winnebago Hike H172BH

Winnebago Hike H172BH is under 20 feet long
Winnebago Hike H172BH interior
Winnebago Hike H172BH floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ Large, spacious, L-floor design

⛔ The “roll-cage” framing is an off-putting aesthetic

  • UVW: 3,596 lbs 
  • GVWR:  4,200 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 518
  • CCC: 604 lbs
  • Length: 20’ 7.5”
  • Sleep: 4

The Winnebago Hike H172BH is Winnebago’s attempt to address the needs of outdoor enthusiasts who need something small that can go anywhere. Boondocking is also covered with a 100-watt Go-Power! Solar panel. 

The flooring is marine-grade, and the tanks feature heating pads for cold-weather camping. The exterior features a roll-cage shell designed for stacking mountain bikes, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, or anything else you need for outdoor adventuring. 

16. Jayco Jay Feather Micro 171BH

Jayco Jay Feather Micro 171BH is one of the best travel trailers under 20 feet
Jayco Jay Feather Micro 171BH interior
Jayco Jay Feather Micro 171BH floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ Kitchen appliances (indoor and outdoor) are fantastic

⛔ Its a little short on the number of windows and could use a few more

  • UVW: 3,775 lbs 
  • GVWR:  4,995 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 380
  • CCC: 1,220 lbs
  • Length: 20’ 2”
  • Sleep: 5

The kitchen is the stand-out feature of the Jayco Jay Feather Micro 171BH. The two-way refrigerator is a fan favorite, thanks to all the room it provides. The 171BH comes with a Blackstone Griddle for the exterior hook-up and is a fantastic addition. 

The dry bath features a full tub, sink, and toilet, and they even managed to stuff some bunkbeds in the 171BH as well. With the convertible dinette, this Jayco can easily sleep five. 

17. Ember Overland 170MBH

Ember Overland 170MBH is one of the best travel trailers under 20 feet
Ember Overland 170MBH interior
Ember Overland 170MBH floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ Unique absence of a dinette with a convertible couch instead

⛔ Has a slightly cluttered feel

  • UVW: 4,190 lbs
  • GVWR: 5,495 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 650 lbs
  • CCC: 1,305 lbs
  • Length: 20’ 6”
  • Sleep: 6

Ember is rapidly evolving its smaller travel trailers in response to consumer demand. The latest result is what Ember calls their “generational” trailers, able to withstand sub-freezing and excessively hot temperatures. 

The Ember Overland 171BH is designed to be the do-it-all boondocking machine, and it includes a 190-watt solar panel, while the advanced package comes with a 570-watt variation and a 3,000-watt inverter. 

18. Grand Design AIM 18BH

Grand Design AIM 18BH is a travel trailer under 20 feet
Grand Design AIM 18BH interior
Grand Design AIM 18BH floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ The bar tabletop dinette is fantastic and unique from similar models

⛔ When the bed is down, it partially blocks the entryway

  • UVW: 4,064 lbs
  • GVWR: 4,795 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 441 lbs
  • CCC: 731 lbs
  • Length: 21’ 11”
  • Sleep: 4

Where most travel trailers go with the dinette, Grand Design decided to go with a bar, and the result is an incredible aesthetic that offers a ton of additional counter space. The design of the Grand Design AIM 18BH leaves plenty of room behind the barstools, so nothing is lost with the addition.

The bunks and the queen bed are enough for four, but you could arrange for another couple of people inside. The exterior is a festival of features as well, with pass-through storage, Lp quick-connects, a griddle, a spray port, a 15’ awning, and a large baggage door. 

19. KZ Sportsmen Classic 160RBT Hybrid

KZ Sportsmen Classic 160RBT Hybrid trailer under 20 feet
KZ Sportsmen Classic 160RBT Hybrid interior
KZ Sportsmen Classic 160RBT Hybrid floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ Roof is Tufflex PVC and comes with a 12-year warranty

⛔ You have to be extra careful with opposing tent beds 

  • UVW: 2,850 lbs
  • GVWR: 3,500 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 330 lbs
  • CCC: 650 lbs
  • Length: 19’ 2”
  • Sleep: 4

What do you do when you need a travel trailer less than 20 feet long with ample bed space and a roomy interior? Well, you go with the tried and true hybrid or expandable camper style. The KZ Sportsmen Classic 160RBT Hybrid did just that. They manufactured a travel trailer with pop-up tent beds on each end. 

As a result, KZ was able to include a 72” bench seat, a large kitchen area, a full dry bath in the corner, and a booth dinette with a pantry. The outside features a 12’ awning and a trunk door for extra storage space as well. 

20. Flagstaff E-Pro E19FBTH Toy Hauler

Flagstaff E-Pro E19FBTH Toy Hauler trailer under 20 feet long
Flagstaff E-Pro E19FBTH Toy Hauler interior
Flagstaff E-Pro E19FBTH Toy Hauler floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ Designed to allow smaller hybrid and EV vehicles to pull it

⛔ When the bench seat is down, leg room is at a minimum

  • UVW: 3,433 lbs
  • GVWR: 4,931 lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 581 lbs
  • CCC: 1,498 lbs
  • Length: 20’ 2”
  • Sleep: 4

Lightweight for its size, the Flagstaff E-Pro E19FBTH is made for towing by vehicles that wouldn’t normally have any business pulling a travel trailer of this size. One thing is for sure, it’s lightweight and doesn’t affect the interior style and accommodations. 

The Flagstaff features a massive bench seat near the entryway, right across from a residential-style stove and a kitchen that’s fully loaded. Thanks to the flip-up bench seat, there is plenty of room in the rear to drop the cargo door and load up your favorite toy. 

21. inTech Flyer Discover

inTech Flyer Discover exterior
inTech Flyer Discover interior
inTech Flyer Discover floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ Very large toy hauler space for a variety of “toys”

⛔ No bathroom

  • UVW: 2,475 lbs
  • GVWR: 5,200  lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 525 lbs
  • CCC: 2,725 lbs
  • Length: 18’
  • Sleep: 4-6

The inTech Flyer Discover was made with a singular focus on toy hauling. Everything is a happy addition to that. There’s even a full kitchen and enough sleeping room for 4 to 6 people. 

Once your toys are on the ground, you have a massive amount of space to work with inside. Since the kitchen is upfront, what you decide to do with the remaining space is up to you. 

22. Oliver Legacy Elite

Oliver Legacy Elite is a high quality fiberglass trailer under 20 feet long
Oliver Legacy Elite interior
Oliver Legacy Elite floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ Interior is narrow and incredibly efficient

⛔ There’s a distinct lack of cabinetry

  • UVW: 3,700 lbs
  • GVWR: 5,000  lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 370 lbs
  • CCC: 1,300 lbs
  • Length: 18’ 5”
  • Sleep: 3

The Oliver Legacy Elite has quite the built-in fanbase, and for good reason. The Oliver Legacy Elite is a well-made travel trailer, despite the company arriving on the scene in 2008. Despite the company’s youth, they’ve already put forward a couple of fantastic designs. 

One thing is for sure, the Legacy Elite is made to go anywhere. They are manufactured in 6061 aircraft aluminum and molded fiberglass, all of which sit on Dexter Axles and E-rated truck tires. The interiors are fantastic as well, with a straightforward yet powerfully alluring aesthetic.

23. Casita Spirit Deluxe

Casita Spirit Deluxe exterior
Casita Spirit Deluxe interior
Casita Spirit Deluxe floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ Deluxe model features a stand-up shower and toilet

⛔ Deluxe version cuts the sleeping capacity down

  • UVW: 2,480 lbs
  • GVWR: 3,000  lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 350 lbs
  • CCC: 520 lbs
  • Length: 17’
  • Sleep: 3-5

The Casita Spirit Deluxe is one of the comfiest models in this entire lineup. Even the walls are constructed of a soft, carpet-like material. The Deluxe version features a large bed, big enough for two, that flips up into a dinette. 

It also comes with a standing shower and sink, along with a kitchen with all the bells and whistles. The storage space is surprisingly ample, with several storage options under the bed and the appliances throughout.

Want to learn more about Casita travel trailers? Check out our article called: How Much Do Casita Travel Trailers Weigh?

24. Scamp 19 Camper

Scamp 19 Camper is a 5th wheel trailer under 20 feet
Scamp 19 Camper interior
Scamp 19 Camper floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ One of the longest-lasting builds in the industry

⛔ The wet bath obstructs ⅔ of the view from the sofa

  • UVW: 2,800 lbs
  • GVWR: 3,500  lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: 400 lbs
  • CCC: 700 lbs
  • Length: 19’
  • Sleep: 4

Scamp markets the Scamp 19 Camper as the “smallest fifth-wheel travel trailer in the USA.” Perhaps they’re right because it certainly is that. It’s also loaded with amenities. The queen bed sits in the loft, so the rest of the camper is living space. 

Though this is a fifth wheel, don’t feel like you’ll need a modern tank to tow it. In fact, a quarter-ton Colorado can handle a Scamp 19. 

25. Airstream Caravel 20FB

Airstream Caravel 20FB floor plan

Our Pros and Cons 

✅ Spacious, all-aluminum interior aesthetic

⛔ The fridge drains the battery faster than comparable gas versions

  • UVW: 4,300 lbs
  • GVWR: 5,000  lbs
  • Tongue/Hitch Weight: N/A lbs
  • CCC: 700 lbs
  • Length: 20’
  • Sleep: 4

The Airstream Caravel 20FB is supposed to be the middle child of the Airstream lineup. Like any middle child, the 20FB wants to have it all because it gets the least attention. Fortunately, the 20FB has most, if not all the amenities you’ll find in a larger Airstream. 

This includes a solid level of countertop real estate with all the kitchen amenities, a full dry bath, a bed with a 180° window view, and enough space to sleep four once you flip the dinette. 

4 FAQs about Travel Trailers Under 20 Feet Long

1. Which travel trailer brand is the most reliable?

Reliable travel trailer brands run the gamut of available travel trailers on the market. Our list covers a large range of travel trailers under 20 feet from a variety of brands. If the brand were unreliable, it wouldn’t be on our list. 

2. Which travel trailers have the fewest problems?

Everybody has their own opinion on the matter, with some choosing Newmar and others sticking with Airstream, Jayco, Grand Design, Lance, or whichever travel trailer they own. Always do your homework on the model travel trailer you have your eye on. 

3. Which camper brands last the longest?

There is no consensus on this, but you can take two things to the bank—fiberglass lasts forever, and aluminum lasts forever. Also, Scamp trailers have some serious longevity.

4. Which travel trailer brands hold their value best?

In general, travel trailers depreciate by 60% in five years. Airstream, Jayco, and Oliver depreciate the least in that timeframe (according to statistics) and in that order. 

Is One of These Best Travel Trailers Under 20 Feet Right for You?

The choice is highly dependent on you and what your immediate needs or wants are. The number of travel trailer brands is numerous, and it can be a little intimidating if you’re new at this. As mentioned above, be sure to research the brand and model. Arm yourself with the best knowledge to make the right decision. 

Some of these travel trailers under 20 feet are meant for you and your family to have a blast. Some are meant for short periods off the grid or boondocking. We covered the full range of the best the industry has to offer. The rest is all you. 

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About the Author:

Thomas Godwin is a full-time freelance writer with a BFA in Creative Writing, a U.S. Marine, and an avid outdoorsman.

When he’s not writing, he’s raising chickens and Appleyard ducks. Thomas also constructs teardrop campers (attempting to anyway) and kayaks the Blackwater River with his wife, two daughters, and his Dobermans.