How to Measure a Travel Trailer: 5 Examples

A crucial step in new RV ownership is measuring your travel trailer. The exact size of your camper is crucial information you must know to camp confidently. You’ll reference your travel trailer measurements when booking a campsite, planning your route, or preparing to store your rig.

Luckily, measuring your travel trailer isn’t rocket science. We’ll walk you through how to measure your travel trailer so you’ll have the most accurate stats for your camper.

4 Ways on How Do You Measure a Travel Trailer?

Measuring a travel trailer is easy. All you’ll need is a tape measure and another person to help. You can measure anything you like, but at a minimum, you should know these measurements:

1. Interior Length

How Do You Measure a Travel Trailer Interior Length

You’ll want to measure the interior length of your travel trailer. This measurement simply refers to the living space within the camper. To get this stat, measure inside the travel trailer from the front wall to the back wall. Ensure you include the depth of the cabinetry or furniture against the walls.

2. Interior Height

How Do You Measure a Travel Trailer Interior Height

Like interior length, the term interior height is used to refer to the living space inside the camper. In other words, how much room do you have to stand up? This one requires measuring the floor to the ceiling inside the travel trailer. It’s best to measure on the main floor.

If your camper has a skylight in the shower, you may want to measure the interior height when standing under the skylight and when standing anywhere else in the camper. Get the floor-to-ceiling measurement and the floor-to-skylight measurement.

3. Exterior Length 

How Do You Measure a Travel Trailer Exterior Length

You’ll also need to know the true exterior length of your travel trailer. There’s no industry standard regarding how to measure exterior length. Some manufacturers will include the hitch in the overall length, and others won’t include the triangular tongue.  

When measuring the exterior length of your travel trailer, you’ll want to measure from the back bumper to the tip of the tongue. Be sure to include any length you may have added with after-market attachments like bike racks or RV rear cargo carriers. Knowing the true length of your camper will help determine where you can park. 

4. Exterior Height

How Do You Measure a Travel Trailer Exterior Height

Exterior height is another important measurement you need to know. Always consider the overall height of your travel trailer when planning your route. Don’t guess when driving under a bridge or through a tunnel. Knowing exactly how tall your RV is can prevent disastrous accidents.

To measure the exterior height, simply measure from where the tire rests on the ground to the top of your RV’s rooftop air conditioner. Don’t forget you’ll probably need a ladder and someone to help you measure in order to get an accurate measurement of exterior height.

Why Do You Need to Know the Length and Height of Your RV? 

Why Do You Need to Know the Length and Height of Your RV

It’s important to know the length and height of your RV for many reasons. You’ll want to measure your travel trailer before embarking on a trip so you can avoid low bridges and tunnels.  RV Life Trip Wizard can help. Once you’ve measured your travel trailer, simply input the measurements into the app, and RV Trip Wizard will direct you along a safe route.

It’s also important to consider your driving abilities and travel trailer length. The longer your RV, the more difficulty you’ll have making tight turns. Keep this in mind when planning your route and choosing a campsite.

Experienced RV drivers may not struggle to maneuver around trees and park with precision. But if you’re new to towing, we recommend choosing a campsite intended for larger RVs. This typically gives you a little more backing in wiggle room. 

Speaking of parking your RV, you’ll also need to know the length and height of your RV when securing an RV storage facility for your camper. Whether you have a camper that fits in a garage or a larger RV, you’ll need to know the measurements when planning for off-season storage.

Do You Need to Know the Width of a Travel Trailer?

Do You Need to Know the Width of a Travel Trailer

 Yes, knowing the width of your travel trailer can be very helpful. You’ll want to know the width of your coach when traveling down the road, camping, and storing.

How to Measure the Width

How to Measure the Width

Similar to length and height measurements, you’ll want to measure your camper’s interior and exterior width. 

Don’t forget that measuring the width of an RV can be complicated around the slideouts. If your camper has any slideouts, you’ll want to take width measurements when they’re open and closed.

Interior width measurements are easy, as you simply measure from one side wall to the other. For exterior width measurements, you may need to crawl under the camper to stretch the tape measure.

If you don’t want to do that, a safer trick is to use a yardstick and sidewalk chalk. Mark on the ground where the edges of the camper are, and then measure between the marks.

How to Measure Travel Trailers By Type

Travel Trailer 

How to Measure Travel Trailers By Type Travel Trailer

Average Measurement Ranges For Travel Trailers

External Height10-14 ft.Internal Height6.5-6.9 ft.
External Length20-45 ft.Internal Length15-40 ft.
External Width (travel mode)6-8.6 ft.Internal Width (camping mode)5.5-12 ft.*
*Assumes no slide through a dual living room with a 2 ft. camp side and 3 ft. road side slideouts.

Measure a travel trailer by taking interior and exterior measurements for length, width, and height. Don’t forget to measure the width when the slideouts are collapsed and expanded. It’s also important to include the hitch in your exterior length measurement.

Camper Vans

How to Measure Travel Trailers By Type Camper Van

Average Measurement Ranges For Camper Vans and B Plus Motorhomes

External Height7-10 ft.Internal Height8.5- 11.5 ft.
External Length18-24 ft.Internal Length5.8- 6.2 ft.
External Width6.25- 7.5 ft.Internal Width5.2- 8.6 ft.*
*Assumes no slide through a 1.5 ft. road side slideout.

Camper vans are simple to measure. Measure the dimensions of the van itself. Any additional RV equipment, like an air conditioner or equipment racks, must be included. You must measure the additional width and height if you have a B plus motorhome.

Fifth Wheel Trailers

How to Measure Travel Trailers By Type Fifth Wheel

Average Measurement Ranges For Fifth Wheels

External Height9-13.5 ft.Internal Height8-12.5 ft.
External Length22-45 ft.Internal Length22-43 ft.
External Width (travel mode)8-8.5 ft.Internal Width (camping mode)7.5-14 ft.*
*Assumes no slide through a dual living room with a 2 ft. camp side and 3 ft. road side slideouts.

Typically fifth wheels are measured from the back bumper to the center of the kingpin. You’ll want to know your fifth wheel’s interior and exterior heights, widths, and lengths. These measurements are taken in the same way you would measure a travel trailer.


How to Measure Travel Trailers By Type Motorhome

Average Measurement Ranges For Motorhomes

External Height10-14 ft.Internal Height (Class C/ Class A)6.3-7 ft.
External Length20-45 ft.Internal Length (Class C/ Class A)-2/-1 ft*
External Width (travel mode)8-8.5 ft.Internal Width (C/A camp mode)7.5-12 ft.**
* Class C Internal Length accounts for the loft but takes 2 ft. away for the front hood and dashboard. Class A takes 1 ft. off for the dashboard and other non-usable space.
**Assumes no slide through a dual living room with a 2 ft. camp side and 2 ft. road side slideouts.

Motorhomes are measured like travel trailers. Interior measurements are taken from interior sidewall to sidewall and floor to ceiling. The only differences are that Class A motorhomes are measured from bumper to bumper.

Class C RVs are measured from bumper to bumper, but the cabover loft dimensions may have to be measured separately and added to the main coach space afterward.

Pop-Up Campers

How to Measure Travel Trailers By Type Pop-Up Camper

Average Measurement Ranges For Pop-Up Campers

Closed Height4-4.8 ft.Open Height6.5-8 ft.
Closed Length8-16 ft.Open Length16-32 ft.
External Width7-8 ft.Internal Width6.5- 7.5 ft.

Pop-up campers may seem more difficult to measure, but measuring these travel trailers in their separate forms is a simple process.

Measure the length, width, and height as you would a travel trailer. Just perform these measurements twice; once while the pop-up is collapsed in travel mode and again when it’s fully set up in camping mode.

Teardrop Campers

How to Measure Travel Trailers By Type Teardrop Camper

Average Measurement Ranges For Teardrop Campers

External Height4-5 ft.Internal Height3-4 ft.
External Length8-13 ft.Internal Length5-7 ft.
External Width4-6 ft.Internal Width3.5-5.5 ft.

Measuring a teardrop camper is just like measuring larger travel trailers. Measure the camper’s interior and exterior length, width, and height. Since the roof is usually sloped, measuring the height at the highest point is helpful. It’s also a good idea to measure with both open and closed back hatch.

Truck Camper

How to Measure Travel Trailers By Type Truck Camper

Average Measurement Ranges For Truck Campers

Pop-Top Height Closed/Open8-9.5 ft.Hard Shell External Height11.5-12.5 ft.
Pop-Top External Overall Length8-12 ft.Hard Shell External Overall Length10-15 ft.
Pop-Top External Width-6 in.*Hard Shell External Width– 6 in.*
* Truck campers are usually designed 6 inches more narrow than their intended cargo bed.

Measuring truck campers can be tricky. When you’re dealing with a cabover bed, the overall length will include the bed over the driver’s cab. Your first priority should be the floor length. If you have a typical cargo bed on your pickup truck, you’ll want to ensure the camper’s lower part will fit.

Slide-in truck campers, those made for typical truck beds, may have unique sizes but will fit within the 3 major lengths of pickup truck cargo bed lengths:

  • Short Bed: 5.5 feet
  • Standard Bed: 6.5 feet
  • Long Bed: 8 feet

The average width of a pickup truck bed ranges from 49- 65 inches, depending on the brand and series. Your individual truck’s owner’s manual should have specific measurements.

Otherwise, when measuring for truck camper dimensions in your truck’s cargo bed, ensure you get the space between the height and length of the wheel wells.

FAQs About How to Measure a Travel Trailer

FAQs About How to Measure a Travel Trailer

Does Length of Travel Trailer Include Hitch? 

Travel trailer length specs don’t always include the hitch. But knowing the length of your travel trailer, including the hitch, is very important. You’ll want to find out the total length, hitch included, even if it means measuring your travel trailer yourself.

What Is the Average Length of a Travel Trailer? 

There are a ton of travel trailers on the market, offered in a variety of lengths. Most travel trailers measure anywhere between 12 feet and 35 feet. The most common travel trailers tend to come in 20 ft. or 30 ft. lengths.

What Is the Average Height of a Travel Trailer? 

The height of travel trailers can also vary. However, most travel trailers have a height that measures somewhere between 10ft and 11ft (exterior).

What Is the Average Width of a Travel Trailer? 

Like length and height, the width of travel trailers also varies. Most are about 8 ft. wide. Extra wide models measure 8.5 ft, and compact models measure between 6 ft. and 7 ft. wide. Slideouts typically add 2 ft. – 3 ft. to the open width of the travel trailer. 

Do You Need to Measure the Length of the Camper’s Tongue? 

Yes, you need to know the length of the camper’s tongue. More specifically, you need to know the length of your camper, including its tongue. The overall length is important when determining where you can park your camper.

Do You Need to Know the Width of a Travel Trailer?

Yes, you also need to know the width of a travel trailer. This is important when planning your travel route, as narrow roads can be difficult to navigate with a wide trailer. 

Additionally, you need to know how wide the camper becomes when extending slide-outs. You don’t want to encroach on neighboring campsites. 

How Do Campgrounds Measure Trailer Length?

Campgrounds can vary in how they measure the length of an RV. For instance, most include the tongue length, and others do not. It’s a good idea to take several measurements of your camper and store them someplace accessible for easy reference. Always check a campground’s website for its specific policies.

What Is the Best Travel Trailer Length? 

There is no best travel trailer length. Some people prefer shorter travel trailers that are lighter and easier to tow and store. Others may have large families, and so the extra space of a 35 ft. travel trailer with a bunkhouse is what meets their needs.

What Is the Maximum Travel Trailer Length for National Parks?

Yellowstone National Park and several others can accommodate a 40ft. RV. Almost all national parks can accommodate RVs up to 19 ft. The average national park campground length is 27-30 feet. The Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) passed in 2020 devotes funding until 2025 to the national park campgrounds to modernize many of the campgrounds, including lengthening the campsites.

5 Common Travel Trailers and Their Lengths, Heights, Widths 

1. Forest River R-Pod RP180 

Common Travel Trailers and Their Lengths and Heights Forest River R-Pod RP180
  • UVW: 2,950 lbs.
  • Tongue WT: 332 lbs.
  • GVWR: 3,832 lbs.
  • Ext. Height: 9.7 ft.
  • Ext. Length: 20 ft.
  • Ext. Width: 8 ft.

Small travel trailers like the Forest River R-Pod have simple dimensions. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the width. If the coach has a slideout, get the road mode measurement and the camp mode width with the slide expanded.

2. Airstream Flying Cloud 25FB 

Common Travel Trailers and Their Lengths and Heights Flying Cloud 25FB
  • UVW: 5,600 lbs.
  • Tongue WT: 875 lbs.
  • GVWR: 7,300 lbs.
  • Ext. Height: 9.9 ft.
  • Ext. Length: 25.11 ft.
  • Ext. Width: 8.55 ft.

Mid-length RVs without slideouts have straightforward measurements. When measuring an Airstream, like the Flying Cloud, you need to measure at the apex of the sidewall curve. That’s the widest point of the coach. It’ll be about half way up from the chassis. The same is true for the length since the front and back caps are also curved.

3. Lance 2465

Common Travel Trailers and Their Lengths and Heights Lance 2465
  • UVW: 6,830 lbs.
  • Tongue WT: 930 lbs.
  • GVWR: 8,900 lbs.
  • Ext. Height: 10.7 ft.
  • Ext. Length: 29.10 ft.
  • Ext. Width: 8.03 ft.

Like the small travel trailers, ensure you get the collapsed and expanded slideout width. The hitch length on any travel trailer is around 3 feet, but every RV manufacturer encroaches on the triangular tongue differently. You don’t have to be too exact, but measure it from the ball receiver to where it meets the living space.

4. Jayco Jay Feather 30QB

Common Travel Trailers and Their Lengths and Heights Jayco Jay Feather 30QB
  • UVW: 7,295 lbs.
  • Tongue WT: 835 lbs.
  • GVWR: 8,500 lbs.
  • Ext. Height: 10.8 ft.
  • Ext. Length: 36.11 ft.
  • Ext. Width: 8 ft.

Mid to full-length travel trailers may have two slideouts on the road side. When you measure the width, focus on the wider slide for the most accurate travel trailer width measurement.

5. Keystone Montana 3231CK 

Common Travel Trailers and Their Lengths and Heights Keystone Montana 3231CK
  • UVW: 12,770 lbs.
  • Hitch WT: 2,680 lbs.
  • GVWR: 16,680 lbs.
  • Ext. Height: 13.4 ft.
  • Ext. Length: 37.5 ft.
  • Ext. Width: 8.6 ft.

Most travel trailers and fifth wheels have crown sloping roofs. This may make one of the roof air conditioners higher than the other. When measuring the height, make sure you’re measuring from the bottom of the tires to the highest A/C.

Final Thoughts on How to Measure a Travel Trailer

Final Thoughts on How to Measure a Travel Trailer

As a responsible RV owner, it’s important to know the true measurements of your travel trailer. Although the manufacturer specs may not provide all the necessary information, measuring your travel trailer is easy.

Simply grab a tape measure and a friend to help, and you’ll have all the data you need in no time. Take both interior and exterior measurements. Don’t forget to include bike racks or any other after-market attachments you may have added. It’s important to measure slide outs too. Don’t forget to include the air conditioner in your height measurement.

Measuring your travel trailer is easy, but don’t overlook this step. You’ll appreciate having the exact dimensions of your RV when it comes time to plan your route or book a campsite.

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