10 Best RV Showerhead Upgrades for 2024

RV showerhead under a roof vent with water sprayinf out into a shower

Let’s face it, not all aspects of RV life are as glamorous as the destinations you visit. One area that often leaves a bit to be desired is the quality of the shower. But don’t despair! RV showerhead upgrades can significantly …

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Space Heaters for Campers: Are They Safe?

Propane space heater in an RV

Space heaters for campers are a great option for RVers who like to travel in the winter. They are safe when used properly and can help to supplement your furnace in really cold weather. Space heaters are also good to …

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Are Camper Trailer Brakes Required by Law?

There is no question as to whether camper trailer brakes make towing safer. But are they required by law? Depending on the state you are in, there may be different requirements for trailer brakes. Our fifth wheel has a brake …

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Is a Dually Truck Better for Towing An RV?

Is a dually truck better for towing an RV

Is a dually truck better for towing your RV? My husband Todd and I towed our 5th wheel with a dually so in this article we will try to answer this question. There are many options available for pulling your …

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What Is The Best Size Travel Trailer?

We at TravelTrailerPro.com are asked every week by our readers and subscribers, what is the best size travel trailer to buy? The answer is – it depends. Finding the best size travel trailer is based on many factors. Are you …

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